Prestige Titles
PDF Generator
Prestige Titles
PDF Generator

A unique Shopify app created with Rails, ReactJS (Polaris) & GROFF?

I developed the Prestige Titles PDF Generator as an alternative to a bloated, MS Word-dependent Python script.
Previously, certificate and title deed generation took the folks at Prestige Titles a staggering 40 minutes for every 10 orders!

After reaching out to me with this problem…
Dan Reeves (staff member @ Prestige Titles) was pleased to know that a significant improvement could be made.




Custom Shopify app


The business


Prestige Titles is an small UK-based business that offers customers the opportunity to change titles from “Mr.” & “Mrs.” to “Lord” & “lady”.

The business provides customized title deeds and certificates through so-called “Title Packs”.

The development of the “Prestige Titles PDF Generator” app has allowed the business to automate the process of creating customized PDF title deeds and certificates for each order, improving efficiency and accuracy.


The Challenge

To create an app that..


was fast, easy-to-use, and took store orders and created customized PDFs out of them for printing


distinguished between male and female, generating certificates and deeds with the correct pronouns


was mindful of short and long names & titles, using the correct font sizes and line heights for every unique name and title combination


included a dashboard for statistics and to monitor progress for on-going generation processes


The Solution

Not so cutting-edge

The app deployed a rather unconventional technology for its PDF generation processes; The app used GROFF under the hood!

Yet blazingly fast

The app boasted a 40x speed increase compared to the previous 40min / 10 orders waiting time the team at Prestige Titles had become accustomed to.


The app also facilitated the generation of certificates; something that was missing from the original solution used by the team at Prestige Titles



The app was a major success, cutting down on laborious work hours and long waiting times, which ultimately saved money and made business operations more reliable

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