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Ethical Sustainable Jewellery Handmade in UK Hostels

I have been working with freelancers and developers for the past 6 years but never has it been so easy. Comunication 10/10, Dedication 10/10, met the deadline and the result is just stunning. I would highly recommend Bashar to anybody.


~ Vid Randjelovic




Custom Shopify theme


The business


Pivot is a sustainable small business that offers artistic handmade jewelry to empower people who are experiencing homelessness to pivot their lives through making and enterprise.

The team at Pivot reached out to me seeking a Shopify developer to help relaunch their e-commerce website!


Made by Pivot was founded with the goal of helping people who are experiencing homelessness get back on their feet by offering employment and training to individuals who are struggling to find work.


The Challenge


Develop a fast, responsive, and easy-to-use storefront to provide a good user experience (UX) for its customers.


Effectively showcase the brand’s unique and sustainable jewelry products in a visually appealing manner.


Develop a theme that wouldn’t need manual code intervention for a long time, could be updated easily by staff, and had easily reusable sections to create more pages.


The Solution

Tailored proposition

Eventually, after several back-and-forths with the client, we decided that a custom Shopify theme based on Dawn 2.0 was best to meet these criteria, re-launch date, and budget.


Using modern-web best practices and recent Shopify 2.0 features like the section rendering API and product recommendations API, I created the storefront using the Dawn 2.0 starter theme.

Unique sections

To help pivot the brand to stand out more, I added unique features to the website, integrating (among others) a “Meet the team” section, an Instagram feed section, and an “Upcoming Events” section



The custom Shopify theme I developed fully met, if not exceeded, the Pivot team’s expectations. The new website was fast, easy to use, and showcased its products effectively.

The unique features that we added helped them stand out just a bit more, and the fully responsive design ensured that their website looked great on any device.

Since the re-launch of the new website, The team at Pivot has received positive feedback from their customers about the new storefront.



In conclusion, I developed a custom Shopify 2.0 theme for Pivot that reflected their brand values and gave customers a more inviting view of their products.

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